End the f*cking War on Drugs
11 days ago

End the f*cking War on Drugs

Today's heroes become tomorrows villains in an endless cycle obscuring the truth about an unconventional war fought for the strategic interests of the United States

The Shadow War
October 28th, 2020

The Shadow War

I don't believe in fucking conspiracy theories. I'm talking about a fucking conspiracy. -Gary Webb

Thoughts on "Los cárteles no existen"
July 11th, 2020

Thoughts on "Los cárteles no existen"

Even shows which concede the reality of corruption do so from the a priori perspective of the DEA and the United States—whose inherent limits cripples ones ability to comprehend the fuller truth of drug violence.

Our Focus

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Collection & Research

Aggregation of information from social media, press publications, academic literature, think tanks and public court documents.

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Graphics & Diagrams

Coming up with creative and effective ways that make it easier for people to understand it all. A picture says a thousand words!

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Geolocation & Mapping

Paying extra close attention to geography and it's relation to everything. Including using maps to make everything easier to visualize.

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Social Media Trends

In the past many gave little attention to what was uploaded to social media networks. We're trying to change that and further understand the role they play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just a couple of folks with varying expertise but a shared interest in better understanding these issues and helping others do the same.

We wanted to join the conversation and have our own place to share ideas without restraint or censorship. We also needed a place to organized and compile any and all information relating to these topics.

No. We have never been employed or had assocation with any law enforcement agencies.

No one. We are not funded by anyone.

Situational Awareness
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