We created this website out of the need for better information about violence in Mexico. A lot of it in English is not well documented and often shared without much context. Our plan is to change that by documenting and providing accurate sourcing for significant activities. Also, publishing deep dives and analysis from open-source information with a focus on social media.
An analysis conducted by Luis Ángel Hurtado, Professor and Researcher at UNAM’s School of Political and Social Sciences concluded "the misinformation epidemic reaches important figures in our country and renders us (Mexico) the second-largest generator of fake news after Turkey."
Currently we're in an era of information and conversation wealth. That paired with confusion and disarray throws us into a realm we've dubbed the information clusterfuck. Merriam-Websters defines clusterfuck as a "complex and utterly disordered and mismanaged situation." While Oxford states it as a "disastrously mishandled situation or undertaking." These definitions provide us valuable reminders, the situation is complex and it has disastrous consequences.
"Drug trafficking, for example, is not the behavior of a daring, secretive, and clever operator; it is a complex international business system, deeply touching the lives of peasant farmers, political leaders in the nation's capital, or the highly competent business men and women who make the system go, and reap enormous profits from it. Therefore, in order for us to understand them, to perceive their broader meaning, they must be studied as systematic behavior, in the full context of their economic, political, and cultural aspects."
Martin, J. M., and A. T. Romano. Multinational crime: Terrorism, espionage, drug and arms trafficking. SAGE Publications, 1992.

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