Another Arsenal Secured in Jalisco Similar to the Last

Items very similar to what was found last time in an operation that took place in the same town around the beginning of October.

Another Arsenal Secured in Jalisco Similar to the Last
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Another operation carried out in the town of Comanja de Corona yields more of the same thing. The last operation took place around the beginning of October. Notable from this operation is the confiscation of three Barrett 50 caliber rifles and a machine gun.

Seized also was

  • 6 grenade launcher attachments
  • 4,000 rounds of ammunition of various calibers
  • 4 smoke grenades
  • 12 "gas" grenades
  • 4 grenades of "specific caliber"
  • 3 steel swords
  • 116 ballistic vests
  • 28 ballistic plates
  • 17 tactical helmets
  • 1 signal jammer
  • 670 liters of sulfuric acid
  • 30 kilos of meth
  • 510 grams of mannitol
  • 350 grams of phenacetin
  • 1  kilo + 378 grams of cocaine
  • 5 kilos + 880 grams of cannabis
  • 45 liters of acetone
  • 37 liters of ethyl ether
  • 12 horses
  • 2 donkeys
  • goats
  • 2 sheep
  • 6 vehicles, two up-armored
  • 3 all-terrain vehicles
  • ATV
  • motorcycle
I Spy One Jammer

How's that for your drug cartel starter kit? This is all pretty much what was seized last time. The helmets are even the exact same kind. The last one happened on a farm, Milenio is saying this took place in a "building." Apparently they were doing tours on a dirt road when they noticed weapons sitting outside of a home.





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