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Welcome to!
31/08/2020 · 07:21 PM
5 min read

The first announcement to kick things off. A couple house cleaning things I wanted to address before the fun begins. Thank you to all for the support thus far!

Videos from CJNG Elite Groups in 2019
09/08/2020 · 01:31 PM
2 min read

Compilation of video messages that came from Jalisco New Generation Cartel (Spanish: Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación, CJNG). There is a chance some dates will be one or two days off simply because the earliest mention I found was not the first instance that it was uploaded to social media.

Same Shit, Different Kingpin
07/08/2020 · 03:17 PM
6 min read

With the arrest of El Marro it remains to be seen what the future for Guanajuato holds. Looking to the past though can give us some sort of an idea.

"Grupo Elite" Attributed Activity Map
28/07/2020 · 08:42 PM
2 min read

Additional Information about each incident can be found here, The History Of "CJNG Grupo Élite" [] Table of Contents: * - Introduction * - Current map * - Esri map -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction This map and others that you see here will be updated in the coming weeks. They should all work on mobile devices, but overall will work(and look) better on a normal size computer screen.

Suspected "narco jet" in Quintana Roo
05/07/2020 · 04:22 PM
2 min read

Preliminary reports state that around 6:30 this morning a business class Hawker 700 made an emergency landing on Federal Highway 184 in the José María Morelos-Polyuc section. As of now they haven't discovered any drugs, but they presume that the drugs were dropped off mid-air before landing on the highway. It's also not totally clear the role SEDENA played in the downing of this aircraft. One source says that they actually shot at it and forced it to land. But another simply says they "interc

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