Last updated: 18/08/2020

At the moment the only way to get in contact is through the form found below. Eventually SecureDrop will be implemented on the website. With that being said, I'd like to remind you that the form below is not secure. Nevertheless, the form below should be sufficient for the majority of use cases, most people's threat model does not include nation state actors.

What do you mean not secure?

We are unable to guarantee that whatever messages you send to us via the form below do not have the potential of being snooped on by a nation state. The site does implement SSL and you should see the lock in your address bar. But while SSL protects you from the general population and hackers. We can not guarantee that SSL alone will protect you from a motivated state actor.

If you are worried about your message being intercepted by state actors please reach out privately on social media and we will set up a secure system on the fly to facilitate safe information transfer.

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