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Spanish Narco Blogs

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The heart and soul of the information clusterfuck. Neither El Blog del Narco (EBDN) listed is the original or ran by those who first launched it back in 2010. But the two websites listed below have the biggest presence on social media at the moment out of the assortment of old and/or fake EBDN accounts that exist. Same goes for Valor por Tamaulipas (VPT), that was started in 2012. The current incarnation is not the original and it is unknown who is running the one listed below. But whomever it is does a pretty good job of chronicling the various organized crime related incidents around the country on a consistent basis. These sites in the past have been considered by some as a clearinghouse of sorts for primary source narco material. At the time that was partially the case since things were being sent exclusively to them. Now adays though most of what is posted to these websites is plagarized articles and photos collected from smaller regional press outlets and social media nota rojas. Most now have been designed to maximize advertisement revenue so I advise you to use an adblock like my favorite uBlock Origin or download the web browser Brave which is available for both desktop and mobile platforms. Infobae (IB) does an elegant job of summarizing much of this mess up which is why it is included. These sites combined have significant influence on the narco narrative and news cycle. They do a decent job of aggregating regional news items that then are picked up by national news outlets who weren't paying attention to that particular region at that time.

El Blog del Narco

Valor por Tamaulipas

Historias del Narco

Narco En Mexico

Mexico Codigo Rojo


English Press

English language press with a focus on Mexico

Border Report

Mexico News Daily

Mexico Today

AP Mexico


Research & Investigative

InSight Crime

El Centro


Spanish language press from Tamaulipas showing only law enforcement related incidents

Hoy Tamaulipas

El Mañana Reynosa

El Mañana NL

El Diario de Victoria

El Sol de Tampico

Optimus Informativo

Valor Tamaulipeco


Spanish language press from Guanajuato showing only law enforcement related incidents

El Sol de Bajío

Noticieros En Línea

El Heraldo de León

Guanajuato Informa

Periódico Correo

Zona Franca

El Celayense

Informativo Agora GTO

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