Seven Alleged Members of CJNG Arrested in Celaya

The state government of Guanajuato along with assistance from Federal authorities carries out operation seizing grenades and cardboards.

Seven Alleged Members of CJNG Arrested in Celaya
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The apprehension of seven people in Celaya was announced on Thursday via social media. Milenio is reporting that they were associated with CJNG. Which judging by what was seized seems probable. What level of affiliation though is always up for question. It is said that the group is linked to at least 30 homocides throughout the Laja - Bajío area. The operation was kicked off from intelligence work that revealed their location.

  • Víctor “N”, 33 years old, a resident of this municipality.
  • Adrián “N”, 24 years old, a resident of this municipality.
  • Juan “N”, 26 years old, from the state of Jalisco.
  • Cristopher “N”, 22 years old, from the state of Colima.
  • Juan Francisco “N”, 18 years old, a resident of this municipality.
  • Marisela “N”, 32 years old, a neighbor of this municipality.
  • Martha “N”, 45 years old, from the state of Colima.


  • 01 long gun, rifle type, caliber 7.62, black.
  • 01 long gun, rifle type, caliber 191 mm, black.
  • 01 long gun, rifle type, caliber 5.56 mm, black.
  • 01 long gun, rifle type, caliber 5.45 mm, black color.
  • 02 short weapons, squad type, caliber .9 mm color black with chrome.
  • 31 long gun magazines.
  • 02 chargers for short weapons.
  • Total insured useful cartridges of various calibers: 887.

Explosive devices:

  • 06 handcrafted explosive devices.

Tactical equipment:

  • 02 charger holders.
  • 05 ballistic helmets.
  • 05 ballistic vests.
  • 02 ballistic plates.
  • 04 knives.
  • 02 machetes.
  • 05 cell phones,
  • 07 cards with various messages alluding to a self-styled elite criminal group.


  • 6,000 doses of a dry green herb, with the characteristics of marijuana.
  • 718 doses of a granular and transparent substance with the characteristics of glass.


  • 01 Volkswagen Tiguan SUV type truck, model 2018, gray color, with registration in the state of Puebla, without report of theft.
  • 01 Nissan car brand type Versa model 2012, black color, without license plate and without report of theft.

Noteable is obviously the so called handcrafted explosive devices. Being that it is mentioned they are handcrafted I think it's safe to assume they are not grenades... or so I thought.


CJNG has been using grenades quite often lately on various businesses around the state, so this isn't surprising.

I'm loving this description from NoticiasNPI

cartulinas con diversos mensajes alusivos a un grupo delictivo autodenominado de elite

cards with various messages alluding to a self-styled elite criminal group

I laughed. We're unforunately left with a blurred picture, that being it came from the government, there aren't unblurred versions floating around out there. I have seen a couple of pictures over the years of cardboards in this setting and they always look almost pre-written. Like just some stack of cardboards some dude spent a couple hours repeatedly writing the same thing on.

How to interpret

One thing I am really curious about is if the gear was packaged by law enforcement like evidence or if it was discovered in such plastic packaging.

Because if it was found packaged like that it makes them look more like mercs who stopped by some CJNG armory before heading to Celaya. I'd love a close up shot of the vest in the top right, it kind of looks like a Punisher skull with the colors of the Mexican flag.

These operations provide benefit, that is undeniable. How much benefit is still up for debate, anyone would conclude that seven associates will hardly (likely none at all) have an impact overall on the operations of the group. It's also worth considering what that association actually was. Where they personally sent there by Mencho himself? Probably not. We've seen the government over the years be quick to declare folks members of a criminal group. But as we are seeing in 2020, that assocation is not always as straight forward as it's made out to be. It's unlikely that these were CJNG loyalist and more so that CJNG just so happened to be the highest bidder.








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