Periods in Paths
June 6, 2020

For the last couple of days I've noticed a problem with some links not going to the proper locations. To most maybe this would just look like a 404 page popping up but if you looked closer at the link you could tell that it was actually looking in the wrong place. At the time I didn't really know what was going on just that something was fucked. Can you spot the difference between the picture above and this one? Aside from my cursor being on a different line 🤣 What we are looking at specifica

Here Goes Nothing
June 3, 2020

Hello world! We did it. 🎉 It took long enough but that's alright. I wanted to make sure that I got everything just right. As well as had a system that would be easy to scale. I've taken lots of notes both paper and digital of my trials and tribulations over the past several weeks. My intention is to share all of this in a series of blog posts. What worked, what didn't and why I chose what I chose. I've worked with smaller blogging platforms but never something with a distinct front end and b

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