Bilateral relations
25/10/2020 路 04:01 PM
9 min read

If we're not prosecuting the War on Drugs to stop the most powerful drug traffickers, whoever they may be, then what are we doing?

End the f*cking War on Drugs
19/10/2020 路 10:47 PM
4 min read

Today's heroes become tomorrows villains in an endless cycle obscuring the truth about an unconventional war fought for the strategic interests of the United States

CSRL Looses Another Kingpin
17/10/2020 路 03:26 PM
9 min read

A little over two months since his former boss was arrested, the presumed current leader of CSRL is apprehended in Celaya without drama.

New Order
10/10/2020 路 04:09 PM
2 min read

L贸pez Obrador is doing everything the US wants, but an ascendent Morena party is a problem the US would like to nip in the bud

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